If you are like me and try to keep looking for interesting ideas and concepts, you will at some point reach a point of information and cognitive overload. The internet is full of distractions and its difficult to keep the focus for some time, even harder to stay focused on a topic for a longer period like weeks.

I was looking for an automated way to

  • keep following interesting people/sites
  • archive them and
  • while avoiding all the distractions

Hence, I am implementing a little cli tool that handles web sources in a general way, which in most cases are pure RSS feeds, in the complex cases JSON or HTML corpora, that I have to map to a proper format.

Why a CLI

I chose to write a CLI over a webapp, to help me focus on the core features and not to loose time in styling the ui, tweaking UX and readability of the articles.

This post is work-in-progress, I will continue on it, explaining the need for kontor and how it works.