Every person should have a roadmap of things they want to achieve, shortterm, midterm and longterm. This is similar to a project, where proceed step by step towards those goals, a big picture.

Personal Roadmap

For juniors this is the same, but they might not have that personal big picture.

  • Find out what they can and where they want to be, skill-wise
  • Help them to achieve those things (obviously if the project goals allow it)

Daily work

There is quite some best practices out there - here or here - summarizing those, I want to emphasize the following ones.

  • Be a mentor and do the preparation step regularly. Plan a regular meeting outside of the office, i a cafe maybe.
  • Don’t touch their keyboard
  • Plan their tasks with them
  • Do pair programming. This is especially helpful , because to describe the next steps, they need a plan.
  • Let them work alone.
  • Receive their feedback and give them feedback, e.g. via code reviews
  • Let them do mistakes

Encourage Knowledge Management

  • Teach them how to do knowledge management
  • Encourage them to write blog post that document their planned work/past work. This will help them to place their current work in their personal roadmap big picture.
  • todo list