Resize an image resource in CQ5 using Java

I already posted the question on stackoverflow, but since I am not allowed yet to post a solution, I’ll post it here. I found a quite low level approach, to resizes a image identified by jcrPathToImage to int targetWidth and int targetHeight.

Resize Image

Resource resource = getResourceResolver().getResource(jcrPathToImage);
Asset asset = resource.adaptTo(Asset.class);
Layer layer = new Layer(asset.getOriginal().getStream()) layer.resize(targetWidth, targetHeight);

Create new rendition in JCR

Extract mime type of the original image
Image image = new Image(resource); String mimeType = image.getMimeType();

Store the resized Image using its asset representation.

ByteArrayOutputStream bout = null;
ByteArrayInputStream bin = null;
try {
  bout = new ByteArrayOutputStream(2048);
  layer.write(mimeType, 1, bout);
  bin = new ByteArrayInputStream(bout.toByteArray());
  asset.addRendition(resizedImgName, bin, mimeType);
} finally {
  // close streams …
This may be useful to generate thumbnails.


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